Scouting Report 3-17


As we discover next generation technologies, industry trends, relevant events and local tech activity, we want to pass them along to you.  In this report we highlight interesting news about NVMe, Virtual Replication and Copy Data Management.

  • NVMe
    • Why is this important to you? It’s no secret that data storage platforms are moving away from HDD/spinning magnetic disk to all Flash/NAND media. However, we’re still utilizing interfaces and protocols designed for mechanical disk drives to access the Flash media; Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS). The issue is that these legacy storage interfaces come with a software stack which adds latency. The solution is to develop a new interface and protocol that is more efficient and can natively access the Flash media… enter NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express). The bottom line, NVMe is optimized for Flash media and will eventually replace the legacy storage buses; SATA and SAS.
    • I’ll repeat the question “Why is this important to you?” Because, if you’re investing in all-flash storage platforms you need to make sure your investment is protected by selecting an array that is future proofed to support NVMe. Better, yet, investing in an all-flash storage array that already utilizes and supports NVMe.
    • For a quick intro to NVMe, check out this webinar “How NVMe Will Change Flash Storage” facilitated by Storage Switzerland. To save you some time, jump ahead to the 25-minute mark. Note that this webinar is a bit dated but it’s still relevant.
    • ScoutPoint solution – Pure Storage partner.
      • First of all, the current Pure Storage all-flash FlashArray//M storage systems utilize NVMe for the NVRAM modules and the Flash Module slots are pre-wired to support NVMe Flash Modules.
      • Second, Pure Storage has recently announced the first Enterprise-class All-NVMe FlashArray//X.
      • Third, if you have a FlashArray//M, you can upgrade it to an All-NVMe FlashArray//X.
      • Check out this page for an introduction to the FlashArray//X
  • Virtual Replication
    • Why is this important to you?  As noted in a previous Scouting Report, everyone needs a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan and a solution that actually works. The challenge is providing such a DR solution while leveraging existing infrastructure, eliminating complexity and avoiding vendor lock-in. We all know that functionality and cost are major factors.
    • What if you could utilize a product that is simple to install & config, is compute, storage and hypervisor agnostic and at the same time provides an incredibly aggressive Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)? Let’s define aggressive, we’re talking an RPO measured in seconds and an RTO measured in minutes.
    • ScoutPoint solution – Zerto partner.
      • Zerto is the only future-proof all in one replication and recovery solution that makes disaster recovery simple and scalable from private, hybrid and to public clouds. With Zerto you can simultaneously replicate VMs within the same datacenter, to a remote datacenter (between hypervisors VMware <> Hyper-V) and to public clouds such as Azure or AWS with no snapshots and no performance impact.
      • For a quick and informative introduction please note this Zerto & Storage Switzerland ChalkTalk
  • Copy Data Management
    • Why is this important to you?  If you’re like most organizations you have multiple copies of your production data (think SQL and Oracle databases). In addition, you are probably utilizing a multitude of different tools and utilities to create, manage and deploy these copies to the applicable business units. This can become a very complicated, time consuming and wasteful process.
    • What if you could automate, orchestrate and analyze the creation and use of these multiple copies leveraging your existing enterprise storage infrastructure?
    • ScoutPoint solution – Catalogic Software partner.
      • Catalogic ECX Software is a Copy Data Management platform that can bring modernization to your existing environment without disruption. ECX delivers “in-place” copy data management to enterprise storage arrays from EMC, IBM, NetApp and Pure Storage. Catalogic ECX modernizes IT processes, enables key use cases, and does it all without additional hardware. By the way, it’s very simple to install, configure and use.
      • Check out these quick 15 minute Coffee Talk webinars for more info
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