Scouting Report 4-17


As we discover next generation technologies, industry trends, relevant events and local tech activity, we want to pass them along to you. In this report we highlight interesting news about Application/Software Development, Intelligent Data Management and Hyperconverged/Software-defined Storage.

  • Application/Software Development
    • Why is this important to you? Is application development critical to maintaining or gaining competitive advantage in your markets? Is it vital to create differentiation for your products or services? Are your most valuable resources focused on developing the applications that can accelerate your business, maintaining existing applications, or both? If you are managing for any of the following business lines: Product Support, Facilities Management, Logistics Management, Customer Service/Support, Product Development & many more, you should be preparing for the AR/VR revolution now.
    • Does any of the above apply to you? What if there was a way to accomplish everything using the right resources, in the right place at the right time?
    • ScoutPoint solution – Monster Pixel partner.
      • Monster Pixel is a full service Enterprise Software Development company specializing in developing custom applications. Monster Pixel works on ways to make clients just like yourself more efficient, productive and profitable through creating software systems that improve your business functions. Through innovative solutions created by a highly talented team of developers they help you solve problems that make your software implementations more powerful, less expensive and more capable of managing and utilizing the data you collect on a daily basis. Whether you are developing new applications, redesigning legacy applications or just attempting to architect for the next phase of advancement in your existing platforms, Monster Pixel can help.
      • Why Monster Pixel?
        • Your project is unique, and so is the software you want. Monster Pixel has experience in custom software development for a variety of industries, and they excel at understanding what you need and how to tailor your application to its users.
        • Team of Top Talent
        • Transparent and Fair Pricing
        • Glowing Testimonials
        • Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

  • Intelligent Data Management <> Archival
    • Why is this important to you? Data growth is exploding but budgets are tight. Getting visibility into what data is being used, and how much it costs are critical to making informed data management decisions. I’m certain you know that a vast majority of your NAS/file data is old and hasn’t been accessed in over a year, like probably 80% or more. And yet, it’s still consuming capacity on your primary NAS storage and you’re backing it up. This is inefficient and costly and you know it. The challenge is that it’s difficult to identify this stale data and, if you could, practically all archival solutions are complicated as they’re difficult to install, configure & maintain and are disruptive to your users. In other words, these archival solutions are just too costly so the easiest thing to do is to just keep throwing more capacity and money at the problem.
    • Don’t you think it’s about time that someone comes along and addresses all of these data management challenges?
    • ScoutPoint solution – Komprise partner.
      • Komprise can solve your major data management challenges; Data Growth, Data Visibility and Storage Cost with their intelligent data management solution using analytics driven automation. Komprise raises the bar on simplicity and efficiency by eliminating cost, complexity, limited scalability, and disruption of prior approaches.
      • Komprise Unique Value
        • Intelligently moves inactive/cold data: No impact to hot data path, No dedicated hardware, No agents on existing storage
        • Moves files to the cloud without lock-in: Direct access in the cloud, Any cloud, Any NAS, No lock-in to any storage, Cuts 70%+ of cost
        • Modern Scale-Out architecture: Any NFS and SMB/CIFS storage, Cloud-like cost-effective pricing, Analytics-driven automation, Adapts to run non-intrussively

  • Hyperconverged / Software-defined Storage
    • Why is this important to you?  Unless you’ve been living under a rock you can’t escape the topic of Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) which typically includes a discussion on software-defined storage (SDS). In summary, HCI combines compute, storage and networking in a single appliance. A key capability is the ability to virtualize the internal storage in the physical servers to avoid the cost and complexity of utilizing an external storage array. The end result is a fully integrated, pre-configured appliance that simplifies your virtual infrastructure. Gartner has predicted that Hyperconverged Integrated Systems will be mainstream within 4 years. The article is from last year but you can check it out here As stated in the article, Gartner predicts that HCIS will be the fastest growing segment in  the overall market for integrated systems.
    • As popular as HCI is becoming there are several concerns with the approach, e.g., hardware lock-in, no software-only solution, re-purchase of software licensing and restrictive application performance tuning capabilities.
    • What if there was an alternative that addressed all of these concerns?
    • ScoutPoint solution – Maxta partner.
      • Maxta MxSP software enables a server-agnostic, VM-centric hyperconverged  infrastructure platform for virtual and software-defined data centers. Maxta’s innovative, peer-to-peer architecture aggregates storage resources from multiple servers, incorporating a global namespace and all the functionality of shared storage that enterprises need to leverage capabilities such as migration of virtual machines, dynamic load balancing, high availability and disaster recovery.
      • Maxta’s Key Differentiators
        • No Hardware/Vendor Lock-in – use your own servers
        • No Refresh or Upgrade Tax – perpetual and transferable licensing
        • No Compromise on Application Performance Tuning – optimize on a per VM basis

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