Scouting Report 1-17

Original Report Date 1/19/2017

As we discover next generation technologies, industry trends, relevant events and local tech activity, we want to pass them along to you.  This report includes an intro to S3 compatible storage, SD-WAN and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS).

  • S3 Compatible Storage
    • IT industry pundits believe that Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) API will become a defacto standard protocol for object storage. Basically, very similar to how Network File System (NFS) developed by Sun Microsystems in 1984 became a standard distributed file system protocol. BTW, some may actually consider S3 an API vs. a protocol, regardless it utilizes a simple web service interface to store and retrieve data.
    • Why is this important to you? Web-based applications utilize S3 and the major software vendors support utilizing an S3 storage target, i.e., Veritas NetBackup and Commvault natively support an S3 storage target for backups.
    • ScoutPoint solution – Cloudian as a 100% S3 compatible object storage system.
    • Key Attributes:  On-premise (appliance or software), Lower cost than AWS, Web-scale
    • Use Cases: Backup storage, Long Term Archiving, File Sync and Share, Storage-as-a-Service
  • SD-WAN
    • SD-WAN is a potential game-changer for wide area networking—on the same level as server virtualization, which transformed data centers over the last 10 years. SD-WAN combines the use of multiple active branch links, intelligent direction of traffic across those links, and centralized, policy-driven management of the WAN as a whole. 
    • Why is this important to you?  SD-WAN technology has the potential to dramatically reduce your WAN costs and improve performance (by utilizing broadband with or without  MPLS) while providing centralized management.  A good SD-WAN solution is easy to deploy, easy to manage, dramatically simplifies ongoing administration and most likely includes higher security than you have today.
    • The following SD-WAN article is almost a year old but it’s a great one. The title says it all “SD-WAN: What it is and while you’ll use it one day”
    • ScoutPoint solution – Viptela as an industry leading SD-WAN technology.
      • The Viptela Secure Extensible Network (SEN) solution provides these benefits:
        • Business Driven Connectivity
        • Encrypt Everything with Ease
        • App Aware Routing on the Hybrid WAN
        • Zero Touch Bringup
        • Centralized Enforcement of Business Logic
        • WAN Visibility Across the Hybrid WAN
        • Simplified Ops
  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)
    • Well, here’s another X-as-a-Service, DRaaS. You know you need a solid Disaster Recovery (DR) plan. We’re talking about a DR plan that actually works and that you can depend on, not just a check box. The challenge is that this is not an easy thing to accomplish, especially when you consider the costs involved; a secondary site for recovery and all of the infrastructure (compute, network, storage, etc.) that is required.
    • So why is DRaaS important to you?  You don’t have to build out a secondary site and you only pay for the infrastructure when you use it. Also, a good DRaaS provider will work with your organization to design a DR solution that meets your RPO and RTO requirements, will create customized runbooks for your environment and require regular DR exercises to test the plan. In addition, they’ll design a front-end network that will actually allow your users to access the applications in the event of a DR situation. Just getting the applications back up and running is worthless if your users can’t access them. Oh yeah, don’t forget providing auditing for compliance and regulatory requirements.
    • ScoutPoint solution – Bluelock as a premier DRaaS solution provider.
      • With a track record of 100% recovery testing success, Bluelock’s cloud recovery solutions integrate proven processes, insightful tools and top tier technology to deliver results and complete assurance to your business.
      • Here’s a great article from Storage Switzerland “Making DRaaS Make Even More Sense – Bluelock Briefing Note”

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